xPath tester, help page

Basics about xpathtester.com


The operation saves current view to the datastore with an unique URL. That URL you may use to reopen saved data and possibly share it with others not to pass XML & xPath content in the email message, for example. This operation is available in all actions such as xPath, xQuery, XSLT and XML validation.

Saved content will be stored for about 3 months since its last usage.


If document is a valid XML (or XSL) content - this operation will pretty print it.


Attempts to make well-formed XML message out of provided chunk of XML. That could be useful if you need quick and dirty way to read a chunk of XML message copied from putty window or some other larger XML file. The operation is error prone since that's difficult to guess how that shall be corrected. The operation does not attempt to discover all possible errors in the XML document and make corrections.



The xPath evaluation tool may use a set of namespaces. In most cases (except for default namespace), the xPath processor will recognize those automatically. Though, you may also need to specify those manually in certain cases.

The format for specifying namespaces on the www.xpathtester.com is as following:

<namespace prefix>=<namespace URI>

You may specify many namespaces each on a separate line. For example:


And finally, the most unobvious thing: default namespaces... That could be declared using similar way:

notice missing prefix on the first line.

Group xPath results

When on and the xPath expression evaluated to multiple results, those will be embedded within the <results> element.